one step process

no need to increase the developer

minimal to no slowing of the chemical process


What is SimplePlex?
SimplePlex is a bonding and strengthening treatment designed to be added to any chemical mixtures (hair color, bleach, toners and lighters) or used in combination with any chemical hair treatment, preventing any damage before it can even start. SimplePlex does not affect the processing time of your treatments, or have any effect on the developer level.

What is the technology behind SimplePlex?
SimplePlex incorporates a revolutionary complex of ingredients to strengthen, hydrate, and help prevent the breakage of the hair follicle. Key ingredients such as Keratin, Argan Oil and many other essential ingredients combined make up the formulation of our unique 1 step process.

Is SimplePlex an-add on service in the salon?
No. It is designed to be added to any chemical mixtures or used in combination with any chemical hair treatment, preventing damage before it can even start.

How do I introduce SimplePlex to my clients?
You should explain to your client that you now only use SimplePlex Bonding & Strengthening Treatment on your client’s hair during any chemical process to insure the integrity of the hair is still intact. After one treatment, it will be very clear to any client, the quality, beauty, and shine of the hair is different with SimplePlex than without.

Will I experience longer processing time with SimplePlex?
No. Unlike other products, SimplePlex has minimal to none interruption in processing time.

What are my expectations with SimplePlex?
Your client’s hair will be stronger, shinier, and healthier. SimplePlex protects the hair from the chemical process by helping the molecular bonds stay connected and strong.

How do I use SimplePlex?
SimplePlex can be mixed in with:
• Dying/Colorants
• Bleaching
• Stand-alone Treatment for course damaged hair
• Chemical Straighteners
• Keratin Straighteners
• Perms

Can I use heat with SimplePlex?

Which client would benefit from SimplePlex?
Almost every client will benefit from SimplePlex. It is especially perfect for clients with damaged and over processed hair due to bleaching, lifting and/or chemical processing. Using SimplePlex with any treatment will allow the product to penetrate deeper and last longer also making colors more vibrant.

How do I charge for SimplePlex?
We recommend you incorporate the fees into your regular services. You can also do it as an add on service. It’s up to you!

Do you offer classes on SimplePlex?
The simplicity of SimplePlex allows everyone to achieve optimal results by simply following the directions. No classes or certification needed.

What is the best way to order SimplePlex products?
Our SimplePlex Bonding & Strengthening Bleach & Color Mix is for Salon Professionals only. Please contact us with your license # and state and we will provide you with access to pricing. Consumers can purchase our Leave-in Treatment directly from their salons or stylists.

Can I try your product in a sample size format?
Yes, absolutely. For a limited time, we are offering samples of our Bonding and Strengthening Treatment Bleach and Color Mix and Leave-in for salon professionals only. A license number is required to order any sample or product from us.
Samples are available in our online store.